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A must for you chamber enthusiasts, a mix of baroque and original music for woodwinds, strings, and Celtic harp. A fine companion to Foxglove.

Please note: this item is currently unavailable but we should have it by around April of 2003.

We're sorry, but this product is no longer available from The Jester's Court.

Wave Track Title
Play Anpiel
Play Harp Concerto 1st Movement
The Bells Of Point Pleasant
Lesson For Two Lutes
Andiam (Processional)
Vaga Cintia
Play Fanfare
Play Amaryllis
The Painted Orb
The Secret Waltz
Artist Performed
Shawna Lynn Selline*Celtic Harp
Patty Farrell*Flute
Debbie Henry*Oboe
Pam Freund*Viola
Ruth Stienon*Cello
Recorded at Mobius Music, San Francisco, CA AAD
Thanks to Woldsong Celtic Harps for their beautiful instruments and to the San Francisco Opera for providing such fine musicians.
1991 Shawna Lynn Selline and Coast Ridge Publications BMI.
Inquiries please write to P.O. Box 9672, North Hollywood, CA, 91609

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